Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Get Rich in 2012

Get Rich In 2012!!!!

Not sure why people are still chasing around looking for new programs to join when Big Money In Mail has been going strong for almost 4 years now!

If you have not checked out my business, then I invite you to take a look. Just go to my main site at

If you have questions please contact me by phone or email. Please don't be a stranger and contact me.

People that join me and my team get my personal help. I even will speak to your prospects to help get you started if you need. In fact I just helped one of my members make a sale by just speaking with their prospect who had some questions.

So again if you still looking for your own business and want to make plenty of money to really have fun with then go to my site at

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Big Money Mail Update (Diamond In the Rough)

Wow its been a while since I have posted anything. So if your wondering does Big Money Mail still work. yes it does. I just got some more sales the other day from members who I signed up 2 years ago.

Folks have you heard of the expresion "Diamond In the Rough"? Well Big Money in Mail has been mine. While so many are out there looking for the new online business and trying to find out some magic way to make money, I have been living it! This may not be a new business with some new website bells and whistles but it does make money.

Think about it. Would you rather make money or have bells and whistles? Heck you can buy some with all the money you can make with Big Money Mail:-)

Big Money Mail Marketing Secret Revealed!!

The way we make money with this business is very very simple and for some reason people sometimes dont believe me and  keep on trying to make it complicated. My number one way to market to make money is Postcards. See I told you! Im sure I am not even the first to tell you this am I right? Now I do have a certain way I mail it which has always worked for me. Now that I share with my members only. Its not ground breaking or anything but I see so many people not doing it that I will keep it a secret for only my members.

Does Everyone Make Money With Big Money Mail?
I wish they did but they dont. I will tell you this though. Everyone who signs up with me and works the business makes money! Also everyone who signs up with me that does not work it makes zero! How much depends on you.

See I dont BS anyone and I tell it how it is. I turn away many people cause I dont believe they will follow my directions and I don't want them later crying to me saying it didn't work and how its a scam.

Its funny how the only people who yell scam are the ones who never work their business.

Anyway if you want a life of luxury you have to make it happen!!

Check out all the details on my site at

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Give me a call if you want i dont mind :-)

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

WOW Just Got Another Sign Up

I LOVE MY BIG MONEY IN MAIL BUSINESS!! What you think I was trading stocks all this time?? NO WAY!!

WOW! Just checked my email and I got another sign up right before I sat to write this! Some times I feel like that etrade baby. LOL.The Big Money In Mail business is really picking up again and I am making money left and right from work I did not even do:-) You see once you set this up it continues to work for you every day 24/7 making money for you.

So how have I done this? Well I have a postcard system that I use which works like a charm. Its low tech but, hey it works! Best part is that everyone understands it and knows how to do it.

Now I also have another method that I use online which has given me a steady stream of opt ins for free and also has got me plenty of sign ups for free.

Now I am sure your looking around online right now wondering what business to join and if its even worth it or does it work. Well folks if you want to find out just give me a call or email me and I will be more than happy to answer your questions. I will be super dupper blunt with you if you want and share the truths about this business and all home based businesses.

Dont be a stranger and give me a call at 956-821-7090 or email me at
That phone number is my only number so I do answer my phone unlike everyone else who hides. Of course I may be busy so please leave me a message and I will call you back.

To check out my business please go to

Take Care


Friday, July 22, 2011

Big Money In Mail is Really Rocking:-)

 Big Money In Mail has been so good to us these last few years and it's only getting better every day. These last few days I have been getting more and people telling me they are looking for a real way to make money from home.

They are joining me in Big Money In Mail because I offer the best support there is and always make myself available to my team.

I share my mailing list and printing source for my postcard mailings with you.

Now why would I do that? Cause I benefit from you making money:-) I want you to make as much money as you can so I can too!

This really is a fun business and sooooooooo easy!
Trust me I hate complicated things and I have found that they just do not work as good.

So Easy Even I Can Do It!

Umm I think I just insulted myself:-( But seriously what could be easier than mailing out postcards? Anyone can do it.

Now for those that want to market in a different way I can help you with that too. I will be more than glad to share my ways to advertise when you become a member.

Big Money In Mail  may be inexpensive to join, but it can make you a nice steady profit if you just stick with it and just do what I do.

If you have not already go to my site at (yup I always just let my website do the work for me:-)

If you have any questions just email or call me. I will be more than happy to answer your questions.

Take Care


Sunday, June 6, 2010

So whats the Big Money In Mail System

So What is The Million Mail Program? Well its a super easy no brainer business which uses the Big Money in Mail System.

I do not want you to get burned online so make I my self available so people can call me and I can answer their questions.

This business allows me to be any where and still work my business. Its great! Actually I am at Disney World right now and I am having a great time and you can too!

Now I am sure you have been looking around google looking for that best program or business ever and wondering if any of them can work for you. Right? I have been there and done that.

Now this business is set up so that if you make money I make money. In fact I want you to make so much money you do not know what to do with it. Why you ask? Cause what ever you make I make too :-) I have big big incentive for you to earn money!!

That's right! I am never going to hold back any secrets. I will tell you exactly what I am doing now to make lots of money with this program.

So if you want to just call to see if I am a real person go ahead I do not mind. Believe me I would do the same. Again my number is 956-821-7090 and if I do not answer please leave me a message telling me you are calling me about The Million Mail Program and I Will call you back. I may be on a ride here at Disney World and I might not hear the phone :-)

oh yeah people who join me will get access to our special Mailing Lists and marketing techniques that are pulling in new sign ups left and right. I know what works and will share everything with you. You may also email me at

If you are wondering if this business really makes money the answer is YES!
The Million Mail Program has really changed my life. I want you to make lots of money also so you too can spend more time with your family. Take the kids to Disney World, give more to your church etc. After all that's what its all about. Life is short so start enjoying life to its fullest today!

God Bless
Josh Sanchez

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Thank You so much veterans

Memorial Day is more than parades. It is a day to remember and thank millions of veterans who sacrificed their time and sometimes their lives to keep this nation free. Our speech is still free because of our veterans. We owe our freedom and liberty to our veterans.

God Bless America and our troops.

Thank you for your service! With out it I would not be able to have the freedom of even having my own home business. Thank You!

Joshua Sanchez

Friday, May 28, 2010

So Fun and Easy

Hello everyone!

So what is The Million Mail Program?? Its a complete no brainer business. I am what would would call not the smartest when it comes to online marketing but this my system really makes it easey.Please go to my site at to find get full details.

This business is so easy to do and it makes lots of money! I will take you by the hand as a sponsor and help you make as much money as possible.

Don't believe me? No worries. Just call me and put me to the test i dont mind. Not many sponsor will answer their phones and make themselves available, but I do. Dont be a stranger and give me a call at 956-821-7090 (yes thats my personal # that even my mom calls me on:-)

Make it a great day!

Joshua Sanchez